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Original gown:

My doll costume during the making:
(Face repaint and hairdo of this Jadde Lee Fuchsia was also done by me)

The gown was made as a reproduction of the beautiful silk taffeta gown Winona Ryder wore as ‚Mina‘ in ‚Bram Stoker’s Dracula‘. A pattern of an actual (human!) historic Victorian bustle gown was used to make this doll costume!

The finished gown

(Click on the pictures to view them in a new window at larger size!)


The bodice

The bodice front as well as the sleeve wrists (to make it easier for the doll’s hand to pass through the narrow sleeves) close with actual tiniest buttons (each smaller than 1/16 inch!) and tiny rubber loops!
The loops have to be closed with a pinhead, as it is practically impossible to pick up the very tiny loops with fingers. Compare the size of my fingers in the picture with the buttons and loops and you will know what I am talking about.

Loops closing with the help of a pin’s head; button closure on sleeve wrist

The front- and back bodice as well as the sleeves of the gown were machine embroidered with designs that were also embroidered to the original movie costume. The embroideries are carried out in embroidery threads in three different colors. Each of the leaves measures barely 3/16 inch, even if each is – as already mentioned – embroidered in three different colors!

Closeup on the embroideries

The gown was made of very fine Dupioni silk (100% silk, not ‚Polyester Dupioni‘!), which almost looks and feels like silk taffeta as it barely has any nubs. The bodice is fully lined.

Outside and Inside of the bodice with lining


Each pleat in the skirt – none larger than 1/8 inch! – has been carefully hand ironed into the silk.

Pleating of the skirt

The skirt has a build-in bustle, which is boned. On the inside the skirt ties with small ribbons to bustle the skirt up on the backside.

Build-in bustle with small hoopskirt; ribbons inside the skirt to tie it up

The skirt closes with tiniest snaps. Three snaps are sewn to the waistband in order to make the fit for different dolls possible.

Snaps inside skirt waistband


Also included in this auction is the small handbag, which is designed with fraying edges and which can be tied to the doll’s wrist with a tiny silver ribbon.


Other dolls wearing the gown

The gown will fit Jadde Lee, for which it was made, perfectly, as you can see in the pictures above.
However, it can also perfectly be worn by Gene…

Gene wearing the gown

…and Tyler – though it’s a little tight around the chest, meaning that the jacket will not close over the bust if Tyler is wearing the gown.
A small, cream-colored blouse could be worn beneath it, if the gown should be worn by Tyler.

Tyler wearing the gown

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