Apr 152011

The skirt was probably the simplest thing of the whole gown.

I’ve taken an approximately 140 inches (3,5 meter) long strip of fabric (note: the pattern on this fabric doesn’t run from left to right, as on most fabrics – it runs along the length of fabric), made a hem of about 10cm (4 inch) which I backed with some cotton.
Then I adjusted just the front and side length at the top side of the upcoming skirt (I’m quite welcoming it to have a very small train of about 6-8 inches / 15-20 cm), and cartridge pleated it every inch.
I’ve made a waistband about 2 inch (5cm) longer than my natural waist and first pinned the cartridge pleated skirt material to it, to see if I had measured the length correctly.

This is what it looks like when test pinned; first picture just over the stays; next together with the also just test pinned bodice:

I’m very happy with the result, because both left and right front side have exactly the same, mirrored pattern. This means that I can sew in some hooks and eyes and therewith make sure that I could, if I wanted to, also just close the front of the skirt – and wear it without petticoat and forepart.

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