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Kyra Crematoria Costume

This basic outfit consists of 5 items:

First, an olive ribbed tank top;

Second, front-zip dark olive-greyish trousers which sport a non-covered zipper at the front and strapped pockets at the back;

Third, brown strapped leather gauntlets which are pointed towards the fingers

Fourth, the boots that can spike out blades at the heel,

and fifth, a crudely stitched sweater with raglan sleeves. The crude stitching is probably supposed to indicate that Kyra took this sweater from another prisoner and adjusted its size herself. This sweater is occasionally worn.

Some more costume pics. Note that her pants look almost sand colored in the bright light of Crematoria’s sun:

This is the original outfit, as offered by the Propstore of London:

And this is the stunt costume as offered by the Propstore of London:

Note the additional lighter straps on the boots compared to the original costume above.

Kyra Necromonger Costume

The Director’s cut DVD knows this fact about newly-converted Necor costumes…:

New Necro converts wear burned, tattered and decayed robes.

So this is what we see on Kyra.

She’s wearing a tattered black coat, which is made from tattered organza that has partially been dipped into Latex and probably some plastic. It does make a ringing sound when she’s walking in it, so there could also be some jet pearls involved, unless that sound has been added to the scene in post production…
It is lined with either thin black cotton or something likely. The coat sports a large hood and the back waist is gathered.

The pictures below from the Propstore also show the simple black bodysuit Kyra is wearing with the coat. Note that the pattern on this bodysuit is much smaller than, for example, the pattern on Dame Vaako’s ‚Light‘ and ‚dark light‘ dresses.

Pictures of the original costume as sold by the Propstore of London:

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  1. where can i get these items? how much would it costs for you to make one kyra costume and sell it to me? The one with the tanktop and boots. thnx.

    • Well, it’s basically just pretty worn-out clothing. You can use ‚regular‘ clothing, wear it out, and have the costume. Ebay is always a good starting point 😉
      And no, sorry, I just make dresses; the ‚Riddick‘ costume study pages are just on my site for, well, studying purposes 😉

  2. what are the name brands of kyras cargo pants, tank top and boots?

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