Apr 152011

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (Museum for art and business)
Hamburg, Germany

It’s almost impossible to list everything exhibited in that museum – it’s giant, and the exhibited items are just a small part of the museum’s inventory. The exhibits change often. If I should see something else that seems interesting when I visit the museum again, I will picture it here.

Elizabethan paintings and tapestries:

Elizabethan Lifestyle:

Elizabethan jewelry:

(See that sphere in the second picture? *Just* like what Elizabeth I. wears in the „Rainbow“ portrait… and the eagle in the fifth picture reminds me of the Pelican/Phoenix jewelry…

Baroque/Rococo paintings & costumes:

Empire gowns:

Exhibit of gowns from 1900-1950:

Yes – the red gowns in the two first pictures *are* real Fortuny gowns *does a happy dance*
The first one is a Delphos dress, world famous. I must say that I have *never* seen so fine crushed/pleated fabric before; just from pictures one could always get the impression that the pleating is much larger. In reality each pleat is just about 2mm small.

Some other items exhibited at this museum:

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