Apr 152011

Some of the costumes from ‚Troy“ were on exhibit in Hamburg. So I went there and took whatever I could get through my digital camera 😉

Helena’s cream-golden gown (first picture shows the gown in the movie):

The gown was made of at least three, if not four, identical cream-golden woven, Indian saris with pearl beaded borders. If looking at the gown closely you can exactly see where one sari is sewn to the next – but I could not see the backside of the gown.
This is at least a three-piece-gown: The ‚cloak‘, the overdress and an underskirt. The overdress and underskirt are crushed, the cloak is not.
The cloak is bag lined with about 8-10mm habotai silk. The over- and underdress appear not to be lined because of the crushing. The serged hems of the crushed parts are interesting; the thread color is a mid grey for the overdress and a light grey for the underskirt.

Hector’s armor (first picture shows the costume in the movie):

This armor is an interesting mixture of blue felt, sewn-on metal-looking poly casted studs, golden painting or printing (which should probably look like golden stitching…) and, as it seems, the fringe of a colorful woven cotton rug. Look at the black twill ribbons which come from the inside of the upper armor at the front of the skirt – I assume that the upper armor was connected with them to the skirt.

Achilles‘ leather armor (first picture shows the costume in the movie):

Unfortunately this armor was placed in the back of the window, so I could not take too close pictures. I assume this to be 2-3mm thick leather; a bit thicker on the belt.

Hector’s and Achilles‘ helmets (first pictures show the helmets in the movie):

Skillfully made poly casts (!) from real leather helmets. The helmets are definitely casts because the leather structure is still there, but it is definitely not leather what we see here.
Only the „Achilles“ helmet (with the ‚brush‘ on top) has leather on the inside – probably to make it smaller. You can see the leather inside perfectly in the picture taken from the front. In this particular picture you can also see something that appears to be ‚pen markings‘ around the eyes and along the ’nose‘ part.
The ‚Hector‘ helmet has square decorations that look like plasticine squares made by a child

The shoes & gauntlets

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