Apr 152011

I hope you will enjoy the following tutorials.

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  1. Hello Naergi,

    My question is: Do you know how to make those velvet cushion things that they put under tiaras and crowns so they do not hurt the scalp? The ones I notice are usually on real and reproductions of British and British aquired tiaras. You can see them on the tiaras at:


    They use the color brown, but I would like white or dark blonde. I would like to learn how to make one myself.

    Thank you,

    Maryland, USA

    • Actually, those things in the pictures on the website you’ve linked to aren’t ‚velvet cushions‘. It’s just that the tiara base has been wrapped with pipe cleaners – you can see that very well at some of the ‚end‘ pieces of the tiaras (those that would end up at the back of the head)! *lol*
      So if you want to make those, well, I’ll just call them scalp protectors, yourself, I suggest to get some pipe cleaners in the color of your choice and start wrapping 😉

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