If you want to create something like this: then the planning has to be excessive. Addition made at a later point of time: Sometimes, the planning can be excessive, yet it still doesn’t work… this costume’s diary is a perfect example. I will explain that at a later point of time in this diary. First, […]

Worth Reception gown

Mission name: The ‘Vampire’ or ‘Worth apprentice’ gown (read below for explanation) Some years ago, when I acquired the ‘Fashion’ book by the Kyoto costume institute, I was right away captured by one particular gown. It was not exactly my favorite shape – the ‘extreme’ bustle of the Victorian era; it wasn’t at all my […]


The day bodice Here’s a picture of the day bodice in the making, still without sleeves, decoration and the detachable gilet front. The basque – still without waistband – is pinned to the underskirt. As you can see I have made the sides of the bodice from black velvet. This was not just done to […]


The skirts The skirt consists of two different skirts: The underskirt, as shown above made from the blue patterned fabric, with a wide flounce of blue satin at the bottom and The overskirt, which is planned to be made of black velvet and also has a (smaller) flounce of blue satin at its bottom hem. […]


The skirt of the Moulin Rouge gown has something special and tells us something about the fabric used: As we can see here, there is a ‘bustle’ at the backside resembling a butterfly. If we take a very close look, the underside of that butterfly bustle is black with a very narrow red hemming. This […]