Real-Life Research


For my life I couldn’t find further pictures of Kristin Lehman from that movie other than I could screenshot from the Director’s cut (which are shown below) – well, they have to be enough for a rough costume analysis…In my opinion, which, of course, can be wrong from the very few pictures I got of […]


Blue-red dance dress One of the few gowns that are shown early in the movie that still has the ‘Tudor’ sleeves. The pomegranate embroideries on undersleeves and low-necked smock neckline are just gorgeous. Red overcoats Black and white court robe This gown is made of black jacquard silk (see last picture that I have highlighted […]

Script comparison

Riddick script: Comparing the Director’s cut to the theatrical DVD version Person speaking  Lines in Director’s cut  Lines in theatrical version ” indicates that the lines spoken are the same as in the Director’s cut (column to the left). BOLD letters indicate changes in the spoken lines.   Facts & notes Blue: ‘Riddick Universe’ facts […]