Real-Life Research


For my life I couldn’t find further pictures of Kristin Lehman from that movie other than I could screenshot from the Director’s cut (which are shown below) – well, they have to be enough for a rough costume analysis…In my opinion, which, of course, can be wrong from the very few pictures I got of […]


Blue-red dance dress One of the few gowns that are shown early in the movie that still has the ‘Tudor’ sleeves. The pomegranate embroideries on undersleeves and low-necked smock neckline are just gorgeous. Red overcoats Black and white court robe This gown is made of black jacquard silk (see last picture that I have highlighted […]

Elizabeth R (1971)

Elizabeth R is a BBC production from 1971 – the year in which I was born. Update, April 2007: I had the possibility to actually examine the “Phoenix” gown reproduction from this movie at the Museum of London. My studies can be found here. Jean Hunnisett, who wrote many books on costuming, was one of […]

Elizabeth – costume exhibit

The following costumes were on Exhibit in Hamburg, Germany, in an electronics super store in 2002. I of course took the chance – and some pictures 😉 Elizabeth (Cate Blanchett) Robert Dudley (Joseph Fiennes)

1492 – Conquest of Paradise

Now – from the title of the movie as well as from the time aspect of the story, this page shouldn’t be here. However – from the *costumes* this page is supposed to be here as well – even if I guess that Queen Isabel’s gowns are a bit, uhm, revealing, they still look much […]

Script comparison

Riddick script: Comparing the Director’s cut to the theatrical DVD version Person speaking  Lines in Director’s cut  Lines in theatrical version ” indicates that the lines spoken are the same as in the Director’s cut (column to the left). BOLD letters indicate changes in the spoken lines.   Facts & notes Blue: ‘Riddick Universe’ facts […]

One step, one kill

There’s this scene of the surface fight with the Necromongers, which got known as the ‘One step, one kill’ scene. I found that scene worth analyzing for the answer of two questions: First, how many Necros does Riddick really take out, and second, there is a movement I was particularly interested in, which, as I […]