May 192012

Diesen Beitrag gibt es auch auf Deutsch.

Side note:
On Saturday, I was dressed as Queen Apailana. I’m in quite a few of the pics shown below – though if you saw me after, say, noon – the later, the worse! – on that day at FedCon, you probably won’t have failed to notice that I looked like shit because I was so tired since I didn’t sleep the night before. That resulted in irregular sweat outbreaks (which ruined my makeup totally until the end of the day! and a generally grumpy expression because it became increasingly hard for me to tolerate the noise and the crowd.
My son wore his ‘Baron Papanoida’ costume; he, too, is in quite a few pics below.
On Sunday, I wore my Queen Jamillia costume (and was in WAY better shape than on Saturday!), my son wore Darth Vader and my father was Emperor Palpatine. All of those costumes were made by me; every piece of them except for my son’s Darth Vader helmet and, of course, our shoes and underwear.
In case you took pictures of either of us, it would be nice if you could send them to me! My email address is given at the bottom of the page. Thank you 🙂

Also a big thank you goes out to ALL the people who made the FedCon a wonderful event for my father and son, of who particularly the first was vary of wearing a costume. The background of that story can be found on the ‘Emperor Palpatine’ page. THANK YOU to everyone who complimented my father for wearing a great costume and stopped him to take pictures; he’s the best dad in the world and you seriously made an old man really happy and gave him a new perspective on costuming, which, before FedCon, he didn’t even remotely understand.

We were interviewed by ‘Talk of the Nerds’, here’s the video (we’re in it at the very beginning – very shortly! – and much longer towards the end):

Anyway… picture gallery of Saturday and Friday. I would have loved to take more pictures, but somehow didn’t manage:

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