Apr 152011

The skirts

The skirt consists of two different skirts:
The underskirt, as shown above made from the blue patterned fabric, with a wide flounce of blue satin at the bottom and
The overskirt, which is planned to be made of black velvet and also has a (smaller) flounce of blue satin at its bottom hem.

The underskirt

What can I say about the underskirt?
It’s made of two layers of fabric – the top one being my patterned material, the bottom one black wool twill – and both are treated as one layer (in other words: the wool twill is serving as a flat lining for the blue patterned fabric).
The blue patterned fabric doesn’t quite reach to the floor – I don’t have enough material and had taken this into consideration when planning my gown, especially when planning the cutting layout.
This (in the following picture still black) area will be filled with a blue satin flounce later.

First test draping of the underskirt

Here are some more pictures of the making.
The underskirt is finished with the satin flounces, but the puffed decoration is still missing.
The overskirt (also finished except of decoration and the waistband is also still missing) as well as the basque (same here: No waistband, no decoration) are draped over it. The overskirt is already looped up by strings which are tied to buttons sewn to the inside, bustling it up at the back.
The following pictures show the dress with the day bodice (still without sleeves, decoration, detachable gilet front). They are a bit grainy and were taken with a flash so the satin seems somewhat cheap / shiny; sorry for that.

Pictures showing (in order): Back, front, side and side (different exposure)

Next thing(s) to make are the bodices.

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