Moretto’s Young woman


The bodice I have written the following when planning this gown: …There is one thing about this bodice that disturbs me a little: The fact that the front seems to be ‘just’ standing open without being laced; yet there are horizontal folds which are usually a clear indication for the bodice being pulled somehow. I […]


The chemise (See the bodice page why it just *can’t* look like this when it’s worn – the ladder lacing is missing) The chemise seems to be made of a soft, well draping fabric – look how nicely it pulls along the gathered pleats around the neckline. However, the sleeves have to get a little […]

Moretto’s Young woman

Moretto’s image of a young woman, painted c. 1540 Somehow – even if, again, those colors in the gown are so not *my* colors, this dress fascinates me. Hmmm, perhaps I will change the colors if I should ever make it – a slate blue with black or dark blue velvet, perhaps…? See how I […]


My planning started – as usual – by carefully observing the painting. I came to the conclusion that I would have to make six different items for this gown: The chemise The chemise is slightly ruched in the picture and is closed by threads at the front. The sleeves of that chemise are wide and […]


The skirt Looking at the picture I can see that the double box pleating is very deep: This image clearly shows (hopefully!) that the skirt is double box pleated; meaning instead of one pleat, there are two pleats over one another. This means that I can use a straight strip of fabric, length must be […]