My Costumes


The skirt Looking at the picture I can see that the double box pleating is very deep: This image clearly shows (hopefully!) that the skirt is double box pleated; meaning instead of one pleat, there are two pleats over one another. This means that I can use a straight strip of fabric, length must be […]


The sleeves As I have written when planning the gown: …The paned sleeves are obviously attached to the puffed sleeves of the bodice. In the picture, when closely looking at them, I found that they have some kind of pattern in them. It seems as if they were perhaps made of cut velvet. I have […]


The skirt of the Moulin Rouge gown has something special and tells us something about the fabric used: As we can see here, there is a ‘bustle’ at the backside resembling a butterfly. If we take a very close look, the underside of that butterfly bustle is black with a very narrow red hemming. This […]

Mary Tudor

The story of an old, abandoned sofa that stood dripping wet in the rain and asked to become Mary Tudor Sometimes something weird happens. Something you never expected. Something like, well, a sofa that would become a gown, you know. It’s something you would least expect. That’s how I started on this gown, and it […]


The bodice I have written the following when planning this gown: …There is one thing about this bodice that disturbs me a little: The fact that the front seems to be ‘just’ standing open without being laced; yet there are horizontal folds which are usually a clear indication for the bodice being pulled somehow. I […]

Finished gown

Navigation for this part of the page: And here are the first pictures of the finished gown on the dressmaking mannequin… …and here’s the one single picture I so far have of myself wearing it 😉 The change between the above shown dress mannequin pictures and this one is that I re-arranged the ladder lacing […]

Velvet pattern

Navigation for this part of the page: Note: In case you’d like to make Padmé’s Peacock gown but don’t want to burn out the velvet (and actually, not use burned-out velvet at all), you could always use a printed version of this fabric, which is available here. Tracing the burnout velvet pattern describes the […]