Fantasy wedding dress

This was made as a wedding dress in larger size from a commercial McCalls’s pattern, using ivory silk taffeta, golden, crushed brocade (sleeve lining) and heavily bullion beaded borders. In case you should have the idea – no, this is neither ‘medieval’, nor ‘Tudor’, nor ‘Elizabethan’, nor anything else that would be remotely historical. It’s […]

Dress diary

Dress diary for ‘Queen Maeve’ (in case you missed the description click here) 10th of March, 2006 Bought the velvet for the cloak. It was on sale at EUR8 / ~$10 and is a beautiful, silvergrey, thick rayon velvet. I’ll of course have to dye it, but it was so beautiful that I *knew* nothing […]

Queen Maeve

Queen Maeve / Medb from J. P. Leyendecker’s illustration Recommended music to listen to while reading this page, to put you in a mood likely to mine: In Extremo – “Liam” Schandmaul – “Teufelsweib” (I’m seriously thinking abut making some kind of music video with the finished costume) Navigation for this page: Introduction & historical […]