Sleepy Hollow Cloak

The cloak from Sleepy Hollow is a garment which is constructed quite simply, given that you do some historical research, know a little about how fabrics drape and don’t mind handling massive amounts of fabrics. The embroidery on the original cloak is very beautiful but probably machine made, and if you would own an embroidery […]

Padmés Dinner dress

~Please also have a look at my other Star Wars costume reproductions! ~ Star Wars, Episode 2: Padmés Dinner dress (aka Fireside dress) Pictures of the original costume – the last picture also shows the feather cape. Note: In case you’d like to reproduce Padmé’s Dinner dress (or Fireside gown, as it’s also called) and […]

Leia Classic

~Please also have a look at my other Star Wars costume reproductions! ~ Star Wars – Original Trilogy – Leia Classic While this costume, made in Silk Crepe de chine, was not too demanding to make (and was therefore not really too interesting for me), I still decided to make it – though not for […]

Coruscant dress

~Please also have a look at my other Star Wars costume reproductions! ~ Star Wars – Coruscant- or Packing dress I’ve made this costume from: – changeant, dark grey Dupioni silk (skirt) – black rayon velvet (vest) – light grey silk crepe de chine (sleeves). The embroidery was adorned with real turquoise cabochons, beads and […]

Mists of Avalon

Morgaine – Mists of Avalon – Bloodred gown I’ve made this gown from silk velvet which I have dyed myself to this beautiful, garnet red color. Neckline and undersleeves were made of finest silk netting. All trims are machine embroidered and adorned with Swarovski Rhinestones in four different colors. The gown was completely lined with […]


This was made as a wedding dress from beaded silk chiffon, which I have boiled to remove the silver lining from the beading (to achieve an effect more closely to the original dress, which was beaded with clear beads), and silk satin. The belt is hand- and machine embroidered. Below are also some pictures of […]

Fantasy wedding dress

This was made as a wedding dress in larger size from a commercial McCalls’s pattern, using ivory silk taffeta, golden, crushed brocade (sleeve lining) and heavily bullion beaded borders. In case you should have the idea – no, this is neither ‘medieval’, nor ‘Tudor’, nor ‘Elizabethan’, nor anything else that would be remotely historical. It’s […]

Queen Maeve

Queen Maeve / Medb from J. P. Leyendecker’s illustration Recommended music to listen to while reading this page, to put you in a mood likely to mine: In Extremo – “Liam” Schandmaul – “Teufelsweib” (I’m seriously thinking abut making some kind of music video with the finished costume) Navigation for this page: Introduction & historical […]