Note: In case you’re looking for a good fabric to make this dress, have a look at this fabric on Spoonflower. It’s not perfect – after all, it’s all printed and therefore doesn’t have the ‘velvet stripes’ – but at least it has the correct width of the stripes (approximately 1/2 inch) and is black […]

Star Wars Episode 2 – Dormé Travel

~Please also have a look at my other Star Wars costume reproductions! ~ Now – I must admit that I didn’t even remotely notice this costume in the movie. I didn’t even remember anyone being in this scene except Anakin Obi-Wan and Padmé (whose dress from this particular scene I’m describing and making on the […]

Robe à la Française

Mission name: The Marie Antoinette gown, as I’m currently totally inspired by that upcoming movie Mission name 2: ‘The non-eyesoringcolor-combination Française’ (because a friend of mine, when he phoned me and I told him about making a Française in green and red, he said ‘Ouch! That must be eyesoring!” – No, my friend, it’s not. […]

Marie-Antoinette Tricorn

Research This here: is the gown I would like to reproduce. More pictures can be found at Costumersguide. Historically, this is a slightly wrong-shaped Caraco worn with a non-quilted petticoat over ruchings-decorated short paniers. The seams at the front, which probably result from changing a pattern that originally had a stomacher to one that doesn’t, […]