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Reproductions of the British crown jewels

Reproductions of the British crown jewels There’s a man here in Germany, Dieter Baumgartl, who has a strange kind of hobby: He’s reproducing crown jewels. I’m not kidding – so far he has reproduced the French, Prussian and English crown jewels in pewter, Swarovski crystals, Chinese jewels and virtually anything he could find. He’s currently […]

Mary Tudor

Portraits of Mary Tudor, sorted by approximate painting date. Page is still under construction, so the information on the paintings is still missing. Painting Title Painter approx. Date can be found in… Comments         I’m not sure if the brooch in this portrait is the same as the one I’ll mention several […]

Elizabeth I.

Elizabeth’s signature Portraits of Elizabeth I., sorted by approximate painting date. This site is still under construction, so that some images and descriptions are still missing. I’m trying hard to update this site to the final version; please be patient. I’m trying to keep this collection as complete as possible, so far with more than […]

Museum of London

Museum of London Leather Jerkin, c. 1550-1600; and codpiece. This is the same jerkin that’s been analyzed in Janet Arnold’s “Patterns of Fashion”. Rags of a sleeve, c. 1300 This buttoned, tight-fitting sleeve was found during excavations in London, near Blackfriars. Hairnet, c. 1400 Leather belt, early 1400s and garter, early 1300s Headdress frames, c. […]


Showbiz and Movies at Madame Tussaud’s Kylie Minogue She’s beautiful – the only thing I find strange is that she looks taller than what I thought she would look like, especially after seeing the exhibit of her costumes at the V&A… Jerry Hall and Jean-Paul Gaultier Hey, I know that Tussaud is supposed to be […]


Pirates at Madame Tussaud, London   Cpt. Jack Sparrow // Johnny Depp Will Turner // Orlando Bloom Elizabeth Swann / Keira Knightley I have no idea which costume this is supposed to be – I would guess it should be the wedding dress; but the original one wasn’t decorated with “cut sari appliqués” but with […]